Landmark Consultants, LLC works to transform the non-profit sector. We recognize that communities thrive when there are strong, viable non-profits. We have a passion for creating close relationships with our clients, working together to solve problems and achieve exceptional results. Our firm is experienced in tackling complex issues and reaching practical outcomes. We are mindful that organizational and individual culture impact the way organizations do business and therefore we anchor our work in rigorous analysis and planning. We pride ourselves in transparency, clarity, and quality of our work.

We specialize in helping organizations understand ambiguity and change. We provide guidance on every aspect of organizational functions: strategic planning, board development, finance, communications, fundraising, public affairs, leadership development, coaching and changes in the not-for-profit sector. We help build up organizations and the people who run them.

Landmark recognizes that no two organizations are alike, therefore we tailor our approach to the needs of each organization, drawing on a pool of experienced consultants and executives to build a team that is complementary for each assignment. Our consultants are experienced executives of not-for-profits, university faculty, senior executives and members of boards. We know first hand the needs of organizations.