To achieve your mission, nonprofits need communications that engage key stakeholders at the right time, in the right way, with the correct messages. We help nonprofits identify the needs of their key audiences, design communication strategies to obtain stakeholder buy-in, develop initiatives and products that achieve communications goals, implement communications tactics and evaluate communications performance.

We know that nonprofits are doers. They are busy solving community problems and helping individuals succeed, so sometimes it’s hard for them to brag about their work.  Landmark can be your official bragger.  We specialize in:

Communications strategy

Landmark specializes in communications planning and implementation, branding and organizational identity, and public relations and media relations. Our services include:

  • Targeted stakeholder analysis
  •  Key message development
  • Identity visioning
  • Brand development and guidance
  • Communications planning
  •  Media monitoring
  • Spokesperson training
  • Advertising
  • Public affairs, and media relations strategy development

Crisis communications

We hope that no nonprofit ever needs crisis communications, but if it does, Landmark is here to help organizations proactively engage key stakeholders to plan, manage, and respond to risks and nontraditional events that have the potential to become major incidents. Key activities in this area include:

  • Vulnerability audits
  • Visioning and crisis prevention
  • Crisis management and communication planning
  • Crisis management exercises
  •  Incident management and planning
  • Spokesperson development.